PAPER TOPICS – EEA2017: Electricity challenges: Industry solutions

Paper proposals are invited from all sectors and companies in the industry.

EEA2017: “Electricity challenges: Industry solutions” recognises that the industry faces many challenges and opportunities, from new technology and evolving customer expectations to asset, commercial and regulatory pressures. The electricity industry is rising to these challenges by looking at opportunities from innovation, collaboration, leadership, robust asset management and engineering solutions.

Our 2017 Conference invites a broad range of strategic, engineering; asset and technology papers that will help our industry better understand the challenges, opportunities and potential solutions needed for an enabling, adaptable and responsive electricity system of the future.  EEA2017 is an opportunity for learning, sharing and recognising the best of what the ESI does across engineering / operational / technical and safety. We are looking for papers in four broad areas:

  • Strategic Enablers – Market operation, pricing Strategic Asset Management - Asset health, management of existing assets, condition monitoring, long term assets but future uncertainties, investment strategies, systems/technology options.
  • Technologies – Innovation & Collaboration – Generation and storage, automation/grid intelligence and big data management, customer technology (renewables, PVs/EVs, load management, energy efficiency), metering, the internet of everything, future networks, cyber security.
  • Asset Utilisation - data capture, analysis, impact of customer technologies, asset management strategies, security/reliability, capital and maintenance strategies
  • People and Performance – due diligence processes, building safety culture, low probability high consequence, standardisation, safety impacts of technology, competencies for safety, productivity and benchmarking

The following are some paper “topic areas” for you to consider. (Note: Topics below are NOT in any priority order).

Strategic enablers

  • Electricity Market models
  • Regulatory and business models
  • Price/reliability/security management
  • Intelligent Grids
  • The Internet
  • Network forecasting and planning
  • Automation/power electronics
  • Data Management for Power Systems
  • Modelling - renewables, batteries and EVs
  • Storage technologies and virtual power plants
  • Electric vehicles infrastructure
  • System Modelling
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Metering - customer/asset data analysis and management
  • Demand side management
  • Smart appliances, equipment, buildings and customers
  • Standardisation – IEC, ISO, ITU

Technology – innovation & collaboration

  • Technologies & Architecture
  • Integrating and modelling Renewables – PV, Wind
  • Storage technologies and impacts
  • “Big” Data – evaluation / prioritization / security;
  • Virtual Power Plants
  • Power quality and non-linear loads
  • System Stability
  • Electric vehicles infrastructure
  • Network strategies - planning,  automation and power electronics
  • Smart meters
  • Local area networks
  • Standardisation of technology
  • Infrastructure resilience

Asset Utilisation (Generation, Network, Retail)

  • Asset management models for ageing infrastructure
  • Asset condition assessment, health indicators and performance metrics
  • Maintenance issues / strategies / engineering challenges
  • Data systems for asset management
  • Asset work planning and management
  • Plant failure and outage management
  • Earthing, protection, poles, switchgear, transformers and substations
  • Projects - Design, build, commission
  • Impact of distributed and renewable generation
  • Power quality, security of supply
  • Asset replacement strategies
  • Fibre rollout
  • Public Safety
  • Refurbishment / upgrades
  • Power quality and non-linear loads
  • System Stability
  • Wide-area monitoring, control and protection
  • Projects - Design, build, commission
  • Infrastructure resilience

People, Performance and Safety

  • Health and Safety in the Workplace – PCBU; Contractor Management,
  • Process, people and plant safety systems
  • Growing engineering  and technical capability
  • Performance monitoring / audit
  • Live Work
  • High Impact Low Probability (HILP) activities - Safety Management
  • Safety by design
  • Safety Standardisation – SM-EI / guides
  • ‘Good practice’ – what does it look like?
  • Delivering  future industry Skills
  • Retention strategies
  • Electricity Safety Regulations – models and options