An inspiring line-up of internationally recognised speakers


Lisa O'Neill

Charismatic and engaging, Lisa is a well known keynote speaker, author and MC to audiences in New Zealand and Australia.

Lisa is obsessed with people living the lives that they want to live - to honour themselves by being more of themselves. Helping companies improve their staff & customer engagement and individuals to have more energy, more passion and more happiness in their lives. Lisa gives people the tools and the permission to be the bet version of themselves.

With more than 10 years experience as a keynote speaker, Lisa speaks about the importance of energy, excellence and enthusiasm, .the power of personal presentation, the myth of work-life balance and how to live a magnificent life.

Being born and raised in small town New Zealand is what Lisa credits her ability to work with people from all walks of life. Having married her childhood sweetheart and raising 4 children while building a business, Lisa is the ‘queen of the juggle’ and a high energy multi-tasker. 

Lisa is the author of two books, “Look Gorgeous, Be Happy” and “Juggling in High Heels - How to Organise Chaos”, and is currently working on her next book to be released in 2018.

She believes we all want to be happy, to have energy, to feel amazing but so few know how. How to have, do, and be the vibrant energetic person that they dream of being.

Lisa's keynote presentations and workshops are guaranteed to leave you feeling motivated, inspired and full of energy.


Mike King

Mike King has for years been known as the iconic Kiwi entertainer but that role has changed dramatically since the conception of his hugely popular radio show "The Nutters Club".

The show evolved from Mike’s own experience of mental illness and addiction and has become a huge success. The aim of the show is to ‘forever change the way people feel, think, talk and behave in relation to mental health’.

These days Mike is better known for his work as a prominent mental health educator and motivational speaker with the work he does under his charity and with his conference speaking. Mike's aim is to reverse the population trends of depression and suicide by effecting a positive social change.

Mike works with all levels within an organisation to help with mental health and safety in the workplace. His message tells of how he overcame drug and alcohol addiction, and his continued battle against depression. It is accessible and pertinent to all staff and often helps companies identify anyone who may be struggling and in need of further assistance.

Whether you need a speaker to tackle some of the big issues or simply want your audience to be moved and inspired look no further than Mike King!


Judith Price

On this exciting journey called life, Judith has developed a real interest in educational psychology along with the dynamics of human relationships. What it is to be human, growing an understanding of self.

In her educational profession spanning over 30 years, she has gathered knowledge, skills and capabilities learning a lot about herself as she has moved from teaching to leading, team leader to assistant principal to sitting in the principal’s seat.

Throughout this time, she has developed an interest in supporting individuals and schools to grow cultures that will bring out the best in people. This lead to joining the InterLEAD team 10 years ago. InterLEAD believes great professionals make great schools, make a great country. 

So, it is with this moral imperative that Judith now leads school development, workshops and conversations to bring about organisational change to transform school culture, developing individual thinking through encouraging professional honest conversations.


Amy Scott

In today’s digital world we are under more pressure than ever to be “connected” or have an ability to “connect” with absolutely anyone as quickly as possible.  You can’t connect without being able to effectively communicate!

Passionate about helping improve the “real connection” of people, families, businesses, organisations, teams, workplaces and communities everywhere - Amy Scott (former lawyer) says “It's not rocket science - it is simply learning how not to rub people up the wrong way!”

Amy is a proud born and bred rural Central Otago girl.  Whilst she’s represented NZ in ice hockey she’s still not allowed to drive tractors!

Following a career as a practicing lawyer Amy changed direction.

Amy has since had over 10 years experience as a speaker, facilitator, communication consultant, trainer, mentor and author.

She is a recognised “people expert” and is one of Australasia’s most sought after speakers.

Amy is also an accredited “Dots Communication” facilitator (currently NZ’s best professional development) who “engages and energises” audiences with her down to earth style.


Val Wenham

Val has worked in the Education sector for 14 years. she was employed as the Business Manager for Hillcrest High school that has a staff of 150 and over 1,800 students.

Val was the Waikato delegate for the Executive Officers Association from 2006 to 2017.

 In this time, she was elected by her peers to be the Vice President for the National Executive Officers Association from 2008 to 2017. She is currently a Life Member where she takes an active part to this day. Some of you may remember Val from being the Editor of the Ex-Factor newsletter for the past 10 years.

Over these years Val has been involved with several Ministry of Education committees such as the Ministry of Education Regional Property Forum. Val was asked by the Ministry to join the National School Property Reference Group, Val said this was a privilege to be asked to become a member of such a knowledgeable group of people this was from 2012 until she resigned from Hillcrest High in 2017.

Val worked with the Ministry in the conception of the great Novo pay system where she became an online specialist and was used for trouble shooting, this was over the period from 2012 again until 2017.

Val is currently working as a consultant to schools covering a wide range of day to day areas that as an Executive Officer/Business Manager is responsible for.  The Ministry of Education have listed Val on their pool for approved Statutory Service Providers to the Education sector.


Dr Paul Wood

Dr Paul Wood is an expert in helping individuals and organisations be the best they can be and reducing the barriers that are holding them back.

Paul blogs for the Huffington Post and runs two successful businesses, which focus on personal and professional development. He works with everyone from at risk teens and the Hurricanes, to senior leaders across the public and private sectors. Paul's passionate for helping others turn change into positive growth comes from his own transition from delinquent to doctor of psychology.