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The Biofeedback Society of New Zealand came into being in 1989 as the brainchild of the late Mr A M  Borren, Ph.D.  It owes its existence and continuance to his vision, energy, and belief in the concept of biofeedback as an effective and safe tool for health promotion.  It is registered as an Incorporated society, has an Annual General meeting, and is administered by an Executive committee who meet to initiate activities toward achieving its aims.  Eg Newsletter, conference & workshops, seminar programme, grants etc.

BIOFEEDBACK is a tool for learning physiological self regulation.  It utilises electronic equipment to monitor and feed back to the learner, aspects of physiology (muscle tension, heart-rate, skin temperature, stress response (skin conductance – GST), brainwaves (EEG) for the purposes of enabling changes toward improved health, and practising those changes to make them permanent. 

The LOGO features the biofeedback loop:- from person, to equipment and back to the person.  Biological information not usually in awareness is monitored and displayed to create awareness,  and determine which action or state change produces the desired outcome.

 Aims of the Biofeedback Society:
To provide a forum for members and promote the use of biofeedback in New Zealand by:

  • Encouraging the use of biofeedback in promotion health
  • Educating people in the various aspects of biofeedback
  • Encouraging research
  • Promoting links with similar organisations in other countries
  • Promoting the development of certification
  • Assisting in the attainment of equipment