Programme Wednesday 30 March      Registration/Reception Mac's Brewery - 6.00pm Thursday 31 March  Day 1: "Climate Change and society's challenge" Registration Te Papa, Oceania Room from 8am  All plenary sessions in Soundings Theatre Theme 1 - Climate Change and society's challenge To set the scene around the challenges, what is at stake and what alternative paths forward could look like for NZ society in a global context, including the impact of external factors on NZ and the risks and consequences, time-scales and uncertainties. Speakers: Professor Martin Manning - Director, NZCCRI Professor David Karoly - Climate scientist, Melbourne University Sir Paul Reeves  - Chancellor, Auckland University of Technology and former NZ Governor-General Theme 2 - Communicating the issues  To discuss issues around communicating climate change, its uncertainties and what is at stake e.g.  communication of uncertainties; framing of the issues; use of different media and how society can  engage in a better informed dialogue without locking horns; issues about communicating the evidence,  educating the public, managing risk and uncertainty and dissent and scepticism of scientific evidence and  findings.  Speakers: Dr Erik Conway - NASA historian Fred Pearce - Science Writer, UK Brian Fallow - Economics Editor, NZ Herald Café session - 6.00pm to 7:30pm Title: What might we aspire to as individuals and as a society? A cafe style dialogue with three 8 minute perspectives and a discussion to synthesise the issues from the first day and to energise discussion on Day 2, facilitated by Ian Wedde, noted NZ poet, novelist and critic. Café theme: Society taking the lead with a focus on what we can do as individuals (in terms of changing our thinking and taking actions) and collectively to address climate change. Panelists: Gareth Renowden - Writer, NZ Sir Lloyd Geering - Theologian/Writer, NZ Professor Robert Gifford - Psychologist, Victoria University, BC, Canada Dr Bronwyn Hayward- Geographer/Political Scientist, Canterbury University  Friday 1 April Day 2: "Pathways for society" Breakfast session - 7.00am to 8.30am Title: Identifying pathways for a resilient society to survive future climate-induced turbulence. A conversation with Radio NZ interviewer, Chris Laidlaw, and a panel of speakers from the previous day, recorded for later broadcast with a live audience over breakfast. Panel theme: Responding to big risks, focusing on opportunities and building organisational and business resilience. Panelists: Fred Pearce - Science writer, UK Professor David Karoly - Climate scientist, Melbourne University Martin Kreft - Munich Reinsurance Colin James - Political Journalist and Analyst Theme 3  -  Human behaviour and the capacity to change Understanding how humans behave when faced with uncertainty and future climate change. Social psychology, and behavioural and ecological economics approaches that can help humans to make decisions for the future and whether and how behaviour might be changed to do so. Speakers Professor Robert Gifford - University of Victoria, BC, Canada Dr Bronwyn Hayward- Geographer/Political Scientist, Canterbury University Professor John Thwaites - Monash University Theme 4  -  Toward durable decision making  The challenges of dealing with climate change in a democracy. The limitations of current democratic institutions and processes to address certain kinds of long-term issues -- such as climate change, planetary bio-physical constraints. Approaches to policy making in uncertainty e.g. new institutions; consensus conferences, scenario workshops, alternative framing, including ethical, economic and social perspectives for collective decision-making. Speakers Dr David Frame - University of Oxford Sacha McMeeking - Ngai Tahu Conclusion Professor Jonathan Boston - Institute of Public Policy, Victoria University of Wellington Jinty MacTavish and Simon Tegg - Youth perspectives Forum Secretariat Conferences & Events Ltd PO Box 24 078 Manners Street Wellington 6011 Ph: +64 4 384 1511 email: Click here to view/ download the Forum Flyer Click here to view/download the detailed programme. Sponsored by: We are grateful for the extremely generous support of Dr Lee Seng Tee, Singapore Also supported by Wellington City Council. Convenor  Professor Martin Manning       Organising Committee  Dr Morgan Williams (Chair) Professor Peter Barrett Judy Lawrence Supported by  Liz Thomas Glenda Lewis Professor Jonathan Boston Professor John McClure Dr Taciano Milfont Forum Secretariat  Conferences & Events Ltd Level 41-47 Dixon Street Wellington Email: Tel: +64 4 384 1511