Asset Management Forum - Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st June 2017

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Prior to the EEA Conference the EEA will be holding a pre-conference forum on Asset Management.

The Asset Management Forum addresses and develops this key aspect of the electricity business. It brings together the technical knowledge and experience of New Zealand professionals and visiting Keynotes, with the development work the EEA's Asset Management Group (AMG) has been progressing through the year.
The agenda for the forum is currently under construction and we welcome suggested topics and presentations. Current topics include:

Day one (full day) - Asset Management (general)
• Asset Management Maturity Assessment Tool (Guide) (AMMAT)
• AMG programme 2018 and beyond
• Metering Guide - updated draft
• Arc Flash Guide - review
• Power System Earthing Practice Guide - review
• New EEA courses on Asset management and Safety in Design
• Safety in Design Guide - update
• Application and use of Asset Health indicators
• Advances in process safety practice
• Spot topics:
• Overview of Powerco standards agreement
• National Equipment Defect Reporting Scheme (NEDeRs)
Day two (half day) - Special Topic: Lines and Poles
• Introduction to Overhead Line Conductor Condition Assessment Working Group
• South Island Line Designers Forum - report
• Wood pole testing
• Concrete pole strength analysis

Further information and Registration
For information about the Forum and/or to register to attend please follow this link.