Occupational Medicine Research Colloquium
  Tuesday 22 April 2008  Emirates Aviation College, Dubai





The University of Otago, Wellington, New Zealand are hosting a Research Colloquium in Dubai on April 22nd to elicit general interest and informal proposals from interested parties in setting up a Research Agenda for Occupational Medicine in the Middle East. The University of Otago has enrolled research Masters and PhD students in the Middle East region, and wishes to develop a research environment in which these students flourish and enable the University of Otago to promote individual research activities in the region through its Masters and PhD program. Research in occupational medicine provides opportunities for employers in the Middle East to identify their occupational health risks and understand best practice in providing occupational medicine services.

The Research Colloquium will bring together emerging researchers from centers around the Middle East with employers who are potential consumers of research and other funders and promoters of research including government agencies. The purpose of meeting to discuss occupational medicine research in the Middle East is to develop a draft strategy for fostering and guiding the development of occupational medicine research in the region. Presenters at the Colloquium come from major Universities in the region who are responsible for teaching occupational medicine and leading occupational medicine research in the Middle East. A consumer view of the benefits of research to industry will also be presented.

The University of Otago, Wellington is a world leader in distance education in occupational medicine and has students all over the world, but has a special regional occupational medicine teaching and research program in the Middle East through its collaboration with Harvard Medical School Dubai Center.

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"Quality/ISO Accreditation/Evidence-based Occupational Medicine Practice"    23 April 2008
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