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Curious about the effectiveness of mindfulness in the workplace?


2-3 March 2018, Te Papa National Museum, Wellington

Coming up in March 2018 is the Mindful Leaders Conference where speakers including Z Energy CEO, Mike Bennetts, Head of HR at Goodman Fielder, Heather Keane, and Head of BNZ’s Strategic Change and Transformation Office, Lotty Roberts, will give local examples of mindfulness in the workplace.  We also welcome international experts; Leadership Development Specialist and Author Michael Bunting and Monash University Researcher Dr Craig Hassed who will share their expertise in how mindfulness impacts engagement, leadership and mental health plus the science behind mindfulness.  This is just a sample of some of the great speakers on offer.  The programme also includes interactive sessions, case studies, short workshops and panel discussions.

Mindful Leaders draws on the latest research in neuroscience, wellbeing, resilience, leadership and organisational cultures. It will share practical examples of the application of mindfulness based approaches across a range of organisational settings. This includes business, government, community, social enterprise, healthcare, education, community, arts, and sports.

    • You will have an opportunity to connect with people who share the desire for a more meaningful and effective kind of leadership.
    • You will learn tools and strategies to create a more engaged and fulfilling workplace culture while taking care of the bottom line.
    • You will explore how you can create greater space in your work and life. Empowering you to lead in a way that encourages and inspires others to be at their best, by developing your capacity for self-awareness, compassion, and authenticity.

Come lead the way for yourself, your organisation and for positive change in the workplace!

To register: http://www.confer.co.nz/mindfulleaders2018/register/

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A fitbit for the mind

“If you are a company leader who says employees should be encouraged to exercise, nobody looks at you funny. The same thing is happening to meditation and mindfulness, because now that it’s become scientific, it has been demystified. It’s going to be seen as fitness for the mind.” Chade-Meng Tan (Google)

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