Conference Presentations Speaker presentations from the conference can be accessed on the Programme page here. Welcome Demand for science-based advice to assist coastal planning for sea-level rise due to climate change is growing. In light of this the New Zealand Climate Change Centre (NZCCC) invites you to attend a conference focussing on sea-level rise and the challenges this brings as risks change over time. This two-day conference will include keynote speeches and presentations from leading international and New Zealand-based experts and practitioners on coastal and sea-level rise issues. Panel sessions and dialogue discussions will ensure a high level of attendee input and interaction.   The Conference will: Present the latest science of sea-level rise associated with climate change, including the role of polar ice-sheet melt Present a synthesis of recent projections for sea-level rise and discuss the uncertainties associated with these projections Identify anticipated impacts on New Zealand’s coastal environment and infrastructure resulting from climate change Discuss whether adaptive risk management for adapting to sea-level rise will be adequate given the ranges projected and their uncertainties Stimulate discussion of how end-users can manage present and future coastal issues and how social and bio-physical scientists, central and local government, and infrastructure operators can work together with communities to build resilient systems   Describe approaches that have been taken to planning “coastal futures”, which take into account community and resource-user needs underpinned by plausible climate change projections, adaptive approaches to manage uncertainties, and sound approaches to developing coastal policies. The NZCCC’s aim is to stimulate collaborative research and dialogue by facilitating communication between scientists, planners, councils, engineers, businesses, Māori and organisations giving advice and making decisions on climate change impacts. The conference will therefore have a strong inter-disciplinary focus. We look forward to seeing you in Wellington at the NZCCC Conference ‘Sea-level Rise: Meeting the Challenge’ for a stimulating and informative two days. David Wratt Director NZCCC & Conference Convenor Download the Conference Flyer here Conference Secretariat:  Conferences & Events Ltd.  Email:   Sponsors The NZCCC is a joint initiative by all of New Zealand’s Crown Research Institutes, Massey University, the University of Canterbury and Victoria University of Wellington. For more information about the NZCCC please visit our website: