Oral Paper Presenters

All oral presentations have been allocated a 15 minute slot in the programme, this should include 3 minutes for questions.

The session chair will indicate when the allocated time is ruining out.  Please ensure that you stop when advised to by the chair to ensure that all presenters get the same amount of time to present and that the programme runs to time.

Your PowerPoint
If you have your PowerPoint available before Friday 21 April please email it to [email protected].

If you would prefer, please bring your presentation on a USB stick to the conference and ensure it is checked in with one of the AV team in the Speaker Preview Room at least 2 hours prior to the time that you are due to talk.

Speaker Preview Room
The speaker preview room is located on the first floor in the Frank Taplin Room.   You need to check your presentation in here with the AV team at least 2 hours before you are due to present.

There will be computers, printing facilities (for a small amount of printing) available here so please do make use of this room to help you prepare for your presentation.

The Room you will present in
The room you will present in will have a laptop, data projector and screen as standard.   If you have any additional requirements please email [email protected].

If you require any assistance prior to the conference please contact [email protected] or call Amy Abel on 027 526 0337.

Poster Presentations

You will be sent your poster board number by email from the conference organisers.  Please put your poster up on arrival at the conference.

Posters will be displayed for the duration of the conference.  You can hang your poster from 8am on Thursday 27 April and must be removed by 4pm on Saturday 29 April.  The organisers take no responsibility for any posters left after this time.

The boards are covered in a front runner material which are suitable for Velcro.  Velcro will be supplied by the organiser.

Each poster will be allocated a 1 metre wide x 2 metres high board and the poster must fit within this area.  We request that your poster is printed portrait in A0 size.

 Please prepare the poster with the same care you would take to prepare for an oral presentation. We recommend that all displays be colourful and appealing to the eye. They should be concise, neat, well organised and easily read when standing between 1 and 3 metres away. Avoid using too much text as you will be beside the poster to answer questions and your paper is in the Proceedings and the Proceedings memory stick for those who want more detail.

Head it with the title (15 mm high lettering) and names of authors (10 mm high lettering) in the submitted paper. Laminate the display material to a backing board to make it simpler to transport and present.

Effective posters:

  • Feature fewer facts
  • Use legible and concise text
  • Concentrate on uncluttered and colourful design
  • Highlight important aspects with colour and size
  • Have good organisation
  • Are simple but creative

Use: Title lettering which is 15mm in height
Text lettering in the body no less than 5mm high

Keep: Illustrations bold and simple
Text concise and legible

DO NOT tell the entire research history
DO NOT make everything the same size
DO NOT use lines thinner than 0.7mm
DO NOT use colour everywhere, but simply to highlight
DO NOT use all capitals (other than titles and headings)
DO NOT use fonts less than 18 pt (5 mm)
DO NOT use complex fonts