Plenary Presentations

Judge Carolyn Henwood – Conference Slides Here

Esther King  – Conference Slides Here

Kim Workman – Conference Slides Here

His Honour Principal Youth Court Judge Andrew Becroft – Conference Slides Here

Vick Kelly – Conference Slides Here


Workshop Presentations

Margaret Thorsborne


Restorative leadership: understanding the critical issues for leadership behaviour in creating organizational wellbeing and success


Workshop Slides Here

Albert Robertson


Hohou Rongo—The Restoration of Wellbeing from a Māori perspective

Extracts from ‘The Dynamics of Whanaungatanga’ by Kāwei Ltd


Workshop Slides Here

David Vinegrad & Marg Armstrong


Strengthening relationships through creating authentic classroom communities:  old ways in new classrooms



Jenny Fraser


Restorative Practice in the Red Zone



Rexton D’Cruz


Using restorative justice conferencing as a preparation for couples therapy – a case study


Workshop Slides Here

Claire Booth


Hearing our histories: A Restorative Justice response to claims of abuse and neglect in State Care.


Workshop Slides Here

Fiona Landon


Restorative Justice for sexual violence - a collaborative model working with sexual violence sector agencies to improve outcomes for survivors and whanau


Workshop Slides Here

Thomas Trenczek


Restorative Justice in Europe - an elaborate quilt


Workshop Slides Here

Tim Clarke & John Delaney


Applications of restorative practice


Workshop Slides Here

Kevin Mack, Jo Martin & Allyson Miller


Restorative Practices and Family and Community Group Conferencing in a rural community. 'A community partnership working in early intervention for young people and families'


Julia Hennessy, Judge McGuire, Lynette Whata & Ben Te Ihutu Fox


A journey on the development of Restorative Justice in NZ and the UK – Providing a cultural perspective.


Workshop Slides Here

Chris Marshall


Compulsory Compassion? A Response to Professor Annalise Acorn's Critique of Restorative Justice as a Form of 'Dewey-Eyed' Justice that Seeks to Coerce Victims to Show Compassion

Workshop Slides Here

Greg Jansen & Richard Matla


Am I missing something here? – When conferences go wrong!



Maurizio Vespa


Positive Parenting using Restorative Language


Workshop Slides Here

Jude Moxon & Mary Hammonds


'Peace it out' a catalyst for champions



Graeme George


Navigating beyond the Compass: Shame, Guilt and Empathy in RP in the school setting.


Workshop Slides Here

Andy Fraser, Slade Sturmey, Tony Smith, Belle-Tuimavese-Fox, Reece Fox & Maxine Williams


Whakamana - a collaborative inter agency college based approach


Workshop Slides Here

Mark Corrigan


Resources for School Staff Development in RP


Workshop Slides Here

Josie Dolan


Getting through the Gap to Guilty


Workshop Slides Here

Katrina Robinson


Perception and practice: How do we view success in our restorative processes?



Mark Corrigan


Building the Evidence for RP in NZ Schools: Simple Evaluation Tools to Build and Reinforce Good Practice

Workshop Slides Here

Paul O’Neill, Christine O’Brien, Moana Cole, Donna Neil, Carey Ewing, Inspector John Price and Chris Nolan


RJ Rocking on in Canterbury: New initiatives in community justice partnerships, and post sentence serious crime responses






Evaluating Effectiveness of Restorative Justice programmes - the Process Evaluation Model


Workshop Slides Here

Saleh Dabil


The Restorative Justice in Saudi Arabia Judicial System and its application


Workshop Slides Here

Margaret Hoogendoorn & Graeme Smith


From despondency to Hope: a grassroots groundswell approach to  culture change, facilitating Professional Learning Communities with staff.



Linda Schofield & Jenny Jackson


Building Quality Learning Relationships


 Workshop Slides Here

Judge Sir David Carruthers,

Rhonda Pritchard,

David Wales &

Julia Hennessy


“What’s wrong with Sorry?”  The development of Post Sentence

Workshop Slides Here

Jane Langley & Bill Hansberry


Developing Restorative Processes, thinking & relationships with  children in the Early Years

Workshop Slides Here

Greg Jansen & Richard Matla


Piecing together the implementation puzzle  - a tool for embedding and

 sustaining best restorative practice in your school



Dr. Shirley Jűlich & Doug Mansill


Diversity is our Strength: Developing Strategies for Conflict Resolution within the Restorative Justice Movement


Workshop Slides Here

Pamela Snow


Restorative Justice Conferencing, Oral Language Competence, and the Youth Offender: Some Cautions and Caveats


Workshop Slides Here

Juan Tauri


Imagining a Future for Indigenous Transformative Justice in Settler Societies



Mark Rutledge


A comparative quantitative analysis of Restorative Justice within a Family Violence context in a provincial New Zealand city Nelson, some number crunching with exciting results


Workshop Slides Here

Carolyne Smith


Ten Years Plus Experience Facilitating in RJ in the NZ Criminal Justice system



Liz Gordon


Building successful restorative schools: report of a 2011 research project

Workshop Slides Here

Mark Stewart & Catherine Forster


Naenae College story: transformation of a multi-cultural school using restorative process



Workshop Sildes Here

Winifred Murray & Kate Neate


Building relationships between restorative justice practice and theory.



Margaret Ross


Remaining Calm in the face of the unmanageables!

(A restorative approach to relationship management)



Fiona Landon & Shirley Julich

Using restorative practices to work with youth in a therapeutic community residential setting


Workshop Slides Here

Tim Clarke & John Delaney


Keeping Our Practice Restorative


Workshop Slides Here

Katherine Robertson, Marg Kent, Jesse Tuitopou, Lois McMahon, Melanie Edwards & Anne Brosnan


Inspiring social change; a collaborative approach in Central Victoria



John Hendry & Geoff Blair


The essential role of Kindness and Forgiveness in Restorative Practices to achieve a peaceful and flourishing outcome.


Workshop Slides Here

Mark Burton & John Delaney

Accreditation: an incentive to enhance practice


Workshop Slides Here

Brendan Downes & Greg O’Neill


Sharing Villanova's RP journey



Matthew Casey & Bill Curry


'What most women want is for the violence to stop and the relationship to improve. The real key is the practitioners understanding of Restorative Practice, it's not a process but a way of being.


Workshop Slides Here

Roelf Reyneke & Mariette Reyneke


Preparing South African Schools for Restorative Practices: An Adventure Based Approach



Philippa Lovell


Embedding Restorative Practices in Catholic School Communities - a whole of system approach


Workshop Slides Here

Natalia Taurima


Te Whanau Awhina:  Marae Based Restorative Justice.



Mark Corrigan


Whakawhanau-ngatanga: An open discussion about how the Ministry of Education and schools might best work together to promote and sustain RP in schools

An open forum


Workshop Slides Here

Kate Milner & Glenn Duhigg


Collectively Reducing the Human Cost of Serious Offending


Puti Mareroa, Hugh Mareroa, Tangimai Fitzgerald & Nina Andrews


Whakawhanaungatanga Promoting Positive Relationships & Connectedness

In Kawerau Schools

Workshop Slides Here

Peter Munro, Elizabeth McCone & Derek Beveridge


Community Panels - Restorative justice practice in the New Zealand court-based Police Diversion Scheme


Workshop Slides Here

Waynne Napier & Steve Parrant


MANA - PB4L and Restorative Practices; A successful marriage in difficult matrimonial times.



Sue van Daatselaar , Rose Jamieson & Vanessa Boyle

Ministry of Justice

Critical changes in New Zealand Criminal Justice System


Workshop Slides Here

Workshop Slides Here

Lee Baxter


Respectful Relationships in the Digital World


Workshop Slides Here

Jack Hamlin


Beyond Just the Facts, Ma’am:  A Pre-Mediation Interview Workshop



Russell Moody & Mick Conlan


A Cultural Revolution


Workshop Slides Here

Luke Strongman


The court-room expert witness: psychological and legal perspectives.