Designing for Resilience: Shaping Future Disaster Risk Management Workforce through Core Competency Frameworks

Core Competencies are a critical guide for the development of the future workforce, equipping future disaster risk managers to foster more resilient communities that can apply design processes in coping with the unexpected. The proposed workshop will give substance to the overarching theme of innovating for resilience, and more specifically the conference sub-themes:

  • Resilience to cope with the unexpected
  • Human centred design for collaborative systems.  The innovative design processes used to develop the core competencies will be reviewed.  Dialogue will give emphasis to the role information systems can play in the implementation, diffusion and support of the double feedback loop of learning between disaster risk management practice, education, and research.


Workshop Scope:

  • The proposed workshop will explore the design processes for the Next Generation Core Competency development
  • Demonstrate how to apply and use the competencies and their measures
  • Discuss how Core Competencies are being implemented in a variety of places. A key question to explore will be the value of a common approach balanced to consider local contexts.



Main Objectives:

  • Differentiate core competencies, technical competencies, and foundational competencies
  • Illustrate how core competencies can build adaptive capacity across the system at all levels
  • Summarize the design innovation of the Next Generation Core Competencies methodology and its replicability for other locations
  • Review the 13 Core Competencies and their Behavioural Anchors for measurement derived from the processes
  • Apply one core competency and its behavioural anchor for measurement in a learning activity
  • Co-produce a basic mind map for core competency development appropriate to another locality
  • Discuss the central role of information systems in supporting the feedback loop of learning within and between disaster risk management practice, education, and research

Workshop Facilitators


Shirley  Feldmann-Jensen

California State University Long Beach

steven jensen

Steven Jensen

Red Cross