The Afterthought on Aftershocks – Human Centred Design in Emergency Management

Visual communication design, perception and concise communication to communities are often an afterthought in the development process of emergency responses

This workshop will introduce emergency managers and stakeholders to concepts of design thinking and human centred design through a series of focused exercises. These aim to give participants opportunities to prototype concepts and guidelines to incorporate into their current company culture and decision-making process. The topics of this hands-on workshop includes introductions to visual perception under stress, contextual technology, and rapid prototyping.

Workshop Scope:

  • Visual perception in an emergency and stress response
  • Technology in context – the difference between static and mobile media
  • Rapid prototyping – how to cut through the clutter and clarify a message.


Main Objectives:

  • Design for Context. How to clarify a message for a particular situation
  • Design for Emergencies. Human response is different under stress – how visual communication can help
  • Design for the Medium. Technology is ubiguous – how to get the most out of it and create a working user experience.

Workshop Facilitators

klaus kremer

Klaus Kremer

Massey University, New Zealand

rodney adank

Rodney Adank

Massey University, New Zealand


Andre Murnieks

Massey University, New Zealand