Call For Sessions

Tectonically-active, in the 'Roaring 40s' and geologically-young, Aotearoa New Zealand offers world-class geomorphology with some of the world’s fastest rates of uplift and erosion. Scientific sessions will provide a close tie between its landscapes and processes and the latest advances in research. The themes will encompass the disciplines that seek to understand natural processes, investigative techniques and the benefits and impacts to society. We welcome sessions linked to the following themes for the scientific programme:

Program Themes

  • Climate Change and Geomorphological Processes
  • Tectonics and Landscape Evolution
  • Human-Geomorphology Interactions
  • Innovative Techniques in Geomorphological Research
  • Geomorphology of Coastal and Marine Environments
  • Planetary Geomorphology
  • New Technologies, Remote Sensing and Geomorphology

Session Proposal Format

Each proposal must include:

  • Title of the session
  • Session lead convenor and co-convenors (names and affiliations)
  • Description of aim and content of the session (max half page)
  • Links to the themes for the Scientific Programme
  • Intended format for the session (e.g., poster only, oral + poster presentations)
  • To begin the submission process, please click on the 'Submit' button at the top of the page.


Proposal submission deadline: 20 September 2024
Notification of selection: 29 November 2024
Uploading of session information to website: 17 January 2025

Do not hesitate to contact the ICG 2026 Programme Convenor  if you have any questions: [email protected]

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