New Zealand Festival

23 February – 18 March 2018 in Wellington

Every two years, the New Zealand Festival brings you a dangerously delicious dose of that most vital, life-giving force – art.
It entices and captures some of the world’s most incredible artists, performers and producers and releases them into the capital.
For three weeks, these extraordinary people will invade every corner of Wellington, your brain and your heart with their stunning performances.
There’s theater, dance, music, writers, the visual arts – and more besides.

Forget sleep. Staying home is not an option. Find out what great art can do for you.

The Pacific Climate Change Conference will run until the afternoon of Friday 23 February to give you the opportunity to continue your experience in Wellington at the free New Zealand Festival event "Kupe: Festival Opening Night", which will start at 7 pm on the Taranaki Wharf.

The full Festival Programme is now available at www.festival.co.nz