Pre-Conference Site Tours

The EEA is offering the opportunity to attend one of two pre conference site tours located within the Auckland region.  These site visits will be held on Wednesday morning from approximately 9.30am to 12pm on 20 June 2018.  If you would like to book a place on one of the tours please do so via the conference registration form.  Please note that numbers are limited so it is recommended that you book early to avoid disappointment.  Due to the sensitive nature of intellectual and/or production technology, EEA and the Conference Organiser have the right to refuse individual registrations to the Site Tours if from a competing company.

Otahuhu Substation Tour

On this hour long tour you will get the opportunity to view the 220kV GIS, this will include the installation and comparison with the traditional ODS and how it can be built in a built up area.

The PPE Requirements are:

Hard hat
Overalls Cal 8 Fire retardant
Steal cap shoes
(some PPE will be available at the site but we recommend you take your own since there will not be enough to cater for everyone/all sizes).

ETEL Site Tour

Founded in 1956, ETEL has been manufacturing transformers for over 50 years, and for the last 25 years has specialised in distribution transformers. Today we are New Zealand’s largest manufacturer of distribution transformers, supplying a full range of product to customers throughout New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and the Pacific Islands.

Our head office and manufacturing plant is based in Auckland, and we have a large warehouse facility and customer support team in Melbourne.  We are currently establishing a sales and warehousing division and service department in Western Australia.

ETEL also own a majority share of a transformer manufacturing company in Indonesia, PT Lucky Light Globalindo, based in Jakarta.

Globally we employ a team of over 300 people who are dedicated to utilising the latest technology, production processes and supply chain innovations to enable us to deliver outstanding product and customer service.

A tour of ETEL's six-plant manufacturing facility in Auckland will include:

  • State of art testing facilities performing high voltage impulse testing up to 300kVA,  partial discharge and sound level testing.
  • Three high voltage test bays performing routine tests up to 70kV.
  • A semi-Automated single phase polemount production line
  • Three phase polemount and groundmount production lines
  • Large transformer production line manufacturing product up to 4.5MVA, 10,000tonne.
  • Automated winding machines
  • Automated Unicore machines which can cut and fold steel with micrometer precision
  • Multiple vacuum ovens, and a 35 cubic metre vacuum chamber
  • A switchgear department which utilises the latest Medium Voltage and Low Voltage switchgear
  • A paint processing plant, including blasting, zinc spray and painting facilities
  • A tank fabrication plant including six welding bays and a fully automated Hypertherm profiling machine
  • A 2172sqm purpose built storage warehouse

PPE requirements:

  • Enclosed shoes
  • HI Vis vests