ECR Support

Early Career Researchers Support

As part of the Organising Committee’s dedicated effort to attract >100 early career researchers from around the world, we are pleased to announce that 45+ ECRs have received full/partial support to attend SCAR Biology 2023.

Funding Options Available

1. Royal Society of New Zealand – For New Zealand ECRs only

The SCAR Biology Student Travel Award Scheme of the Royal Society of New Zealand was established at the VII Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) International Biology Symposium, held in Christchurch in 1998, to specifically help postgraduate students and early-career researchers at New Zealand institutions to attend SCAR International Biology Symposia.

For the XIII SCAR International Biology Symposium, applications are invited from postgraduate students and early-career researchers at New Zealand institutions pursuing biological research in Antarctica and/or the Southern Ocean. Priority for funding will be given to those who have submitted an abstract at the symposium for an oral or poster presentation.

2. NSF Travel Grant – Travel Grant Opportunity for US Scientists

Applications for partial travel support (e.g., airfare, ground transportation, accommodation and/or meeting registration) up to a maximum of US$2500 will be accepted from students, post-doctoral researchers and other scientists at US institutions (funding cannot be provided to anyone at a non-US institution). Preference will be given to early career investigators (students and those within 5 years of completing a PhD). Funding will be provided by the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs grant #2013971 awarded to the University of San Francisco for US-SCAR.

3. Funding from the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

The SCAR Executive Committee is providing funding to offer a partial sponsorship to non-New-Zealand ECRs to attend the Symposium. Having submitted an abstract to the Symposium is a requirement for the application to be considered.

4. Funding from the Ant-ICON Scientific Research Programme

Funding is available from the SCAR Scientific Research Programme Ant-ICON to provide partial travel support for ECR’s undertaking Ant-ICON relevant research. Travel support will include symposium registration costs and may also contribute toward airfares, ground transport and/or accommodation (NOTE: full travel support is not available). Applicants must have submitted an abstract to the symposium to be considered.

5. Funding from ANTOS Expert Group (Antarctic Nearshore and Terrestrial Observing System)

Funds will be available ECRs whose research aligns with the ANTOS mission, including long-term monitoring.

6. Other SCAR action and expert groups

More information available soon.