International Scientific Committee

Peter Convey - Committee Chair

Peter Convey is a terrestrial ecologist with over 34 years experience of working with the British Antarctic Survey and in a wide range of polar environments (20 Antarctic summers and one winter, multiple Arctic (Svalbard, Greenland, Russia) field or teaching periods).

Byron Adams

Byron Adams is a biologist who loves searching for patterns in the natural world and then figuring out the processes by which they came to be.

Claudia Colesie

Claudia Colesie is a lecturer in Physiological Plant Ecology at the University of Edinburgh in the UK. She grew up in Germany and was awarded a PhD in 2014 for her work on biological soil crusts in continental Antarctica. 

Don A Cowan

Don Cowan was educated (BSc, MSc, PhD) at the University of Waikato (New Zealand) and completed a 4-year period of postdoctoral research under the supervision of Professor Roy Daniel before moving to a Lectureship at University College London (UK) in 1985.

Blanca Figuerola

Blanca Figuerola is currently a Beatriu de Pinós / Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Marine Sciences of Barcelona (ICM-CSIC).

Jin-Hyoung Kim

Jin-Hyoung Kim is a principal research scientist of Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) and professor of University of Science and Technology.

Sara Labrousse

Sara Labrousse is an Antarctic ecologist at CNRS (Laboratoire d’Océanographie et du Climat (LOCEAN) in Paris) studying the ecology and demography of Antarctic predators.

Jasmine Lee

Jasmine is an 1851 Research Fellow in the Biodiversity, Evolution and Adaptation team at the British Antarctic Survey.

Klaus Meiners

Dr Klaus Meiners is a Senior Research Scientist with the Australian Antarctic Division. His work also contributes to the Australian Antarctic Program Partnership (AAPP) as well as the Australian Centre for Excellence in Antarctic Science (ACEAS) initiatives.

Simon Morley

As a marine biologist my research focuses on how animal traits evolve to match the natural variability in their environment, and how vulnerable this makes ecosystems when conditions change beyond the norm.

Nathalie Pattyn

Nathalie Pattyn, MD, MPsy, MSc, PhD, has a mixed clinical, research and operational background. She has been deployed with special forces unit as a medical officer in the Middle East and the Sahel; and on numerous occasions as the sole physician to Antarctica stations.

Antonio Quesada

Antonio Quesada (13/8/1963) is full professor at  Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). PhD since 1990, and enjoyed posdoc periods at Durham University, UK (1990-91), Université Laval , Canada (1991-92 y 1993-94), Lake Biwa Research Institute, Japan, (1996).

Sharon Robinson

Sharon Robinson studies how Antarctic plants respond to climate change. She uses radiocarbon signatures, left behind in the atmosphere by nuclear testing, to date mosses and track environmental change around the coast of Antarctica.